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Farmweek History

  • 2 male anchors in front of Farmweek TV studio desk
  • News crew, 3 men and a woman, posed around an old television camera.
  • Man using an old television camera.
  • a woman and 2 men at the anchor desk in the Farmweek TV studio.

Farmweek has been in production over 40 years.  The premiere episode was October 3, 1977.  Farmweek began as a joint effort of Mississippi State Extension and Mississippi Public Broadcasting.  At that time in history Mississippi and U.S. agriculture was experiencing great growth.  The program’s purpose was to use television as a way to quickly communicate news and information to Mississippi’s agricultural community.

For its first 14 years Farmweek was produced in the studios of Mississippi Public Broadcasting in Jackson, Mississippi each Monday.  Since October 1991 the weekly production has taken place in the studios of the University Television Center on the campus of Mississippi State in Starkville. 

Farmweek is no longer exclusive to Mississippi Public Broadcasting.  In September, 2004 the program began airing weekly nationwide on the RFD-TV digital cable and satellite television channel.  Later it also became available for viewing through a website on the Internet.  The program continues to be produced by Mississippi State Extension.


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