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4-H Poultry - Other Information

The 4-H Leader's Guide for Poultry is a general guide of 4-H poultry projects.

4-H Poultry Production and Records is a series of suggested projects that involve the production of live poultry.

Grow Healthy Chicks is a series of ten information sheets that address problems that may be encountered while raising chicks.

Preparing Birds for Exhibition suggests methods of selecting and preparing poultry for exhibition in county or regional poultry shows and fairs.

4-H Poultry Barbecue Contest information is the basic manual that discusses the rules, awards and contest related information of the poultry barbecue contests.

Barbecue Planning Guide is a guide for determining the amounts of various meal dishes needed when feeding a poultry barbecue meal to large groups of guests.

4-H Egg Preparation Demonstration Contest is a manual for preparing for the Egg Preparation Contest. It includes procedures for cooking, presenting egg information, rules of the contest, awards available, and much additional information that will assist the 4-H contestant.

Careers in the Poultry Industry describes the types of careers available to anyone interested in the poultry industry.

Suggestions and Procedures for Conducting a County or Area 4-H Barbecue Program is a guide for 4-H agents and leaders for staging an area barbecue contest.

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Publication Number: P1150
Publication Number: P0900


Chickens feed inside a fenced enclosure.
Filed Under: Youth Poultry, Poultry April 20, 2022

Farm supply stores are full of cute chicks in the spring, and the sight of the fluffy baby birds, combined with future dreams of fresh eggs, prompts many people to impulsively start a backyard flock.

White chickens gather at a feeder.
Filed Under: Youth Poultry, Poultry April 18, 2022

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Keeping buffalo wings on menus is a supply chain issue that goes all the way back to procedures farm workers follow to protect the health of commercially grown chickens.

An illustration depicts a large yellow chick with a graph showing the number of Salmonella outbreaks since 2000 and includes text instructions to wash hands after handling backyard poultry.
Filed Under: Youth Poultry, Agriculture, Livestock, Poultry March 30, 2018

Baby chickens are so cute and cuddly that few people can resist holding them. Unfortunately, as public interest in raising backyard birds has grown so has the number of Salmonella outbreaks in the U.S. (Photo by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

More than 20 newly hatched chickens covered in yellow down bask under warming lamps in a large black tub.
Filed Under: Youth Poultry, Livestock, Poultry March 27, 2018

Some people can’t resist the latest spring fashions. Others plant flowers in profusion.
Then there are those, like me, who are highly susceptible to the cheerful chirping of newly hatched chicks. (Photo by Kat Lawrence)

Filed Under: Youth Poultry, Poultry, Avian Flu August 17, 2015

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Almost 200 4-H members are planning to compete in the poultry project during the 2015 Mississippi State Fair in October.

Jessica Wells, a poultry science instructor with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said organizers are limiting each exhibitor to visual presentations and just one bird for showmanship.

Success Stories

A young boy throws a rope toward a fake bull with the help of an older man standing behind him.
4-H, 4-H Livestock Program, Youth Livestock, Youth Poultry, Join 4-H
Volume 5 Number 2

When FARMtastic makes its rounds over South Mississippi, residents, businesses, schools, and community organizations come together to ensure that participants have a great time.

A young woman with brown hair and a pink shirt stands smiling while holding a black and white speckled chicken next to her face.
4-H, 4-H Livestock Program, Youth Livestock, Youth Poultry, Join 4-H, Support 4-H, Youth Projects
Volume 4 Number 3

When Emma Grace McGrew became Mississippi’s 2017 Miss Hospitality, a year of exciting experiences awaited the former Prentiss County 4-H’er and self-proclaimed country girl.

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