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Arrowheads (Sagittaria spp.) are a diverse group of plants. Some have above-water arrowhead-shaped or lance-shaped leaves; others grow underwater or have floating leaves. Underwater leaves, particularly of young plants, are narrow and stalkless and usually grow in clumps. Arrowheads have tuber-like roots and can be found along shallow edges of ponds, lakes, and streams and in swamps and marshes throughout Mississippi. Flowers are white and usually in whorls of 3, but there may be as many as 12 flowers in a whorl.

Arrowheads seldom cause any problem, although in a few cases they become serious pests and require treatment.


Special care was taken to make certain that all herbicide treatments are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use in the manner described. Registrations of specific practices are often changed or deleted; therefore, treatments suggested in this information sheet may not remain current indefinitely. Read and observe the manufacturer's label to prevent misuse of a herbicide. It is not intended or proposed that usage of any given practice suggested in this information sheet be in violation with existing registration or manufacturer's label.

If you fail to carefully read and follow suggested treatments, you could cause extensive damage to the environment, crops, livestock or humans.