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Alligator Weed

This non-native plant may be found free-floating, loosely attached, or rooted, and can even grow on dry land. The leaves are opposite, lance-shaped, and have a distinct midrib. Flowers are white, round, and resemble clover blooms. Stems are usually hollow. To view photos of this plant, click here.

Chemical treatment may not be necessary if specific biocontrol insects, the alligatorweed flea beatle (Agasicle hygrophila) and/or stem borer moth (Vogtia malloi), are present. The flea beetle is more active in the southern part of the state, and the stemborer is active throughout the state. These insects may not provide control in areas adjacent to fields subject to heavy insecticide usage; e.g., near cotton fields. Contact your county agent or a qualified entomologist for positive identification.