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Extension Information Sheets
IS204 Pruning Landscape Plants  
IS207 Propagating Plants For The Home Landscape
IS327 Deer and Wild Hogs - Harvesting and Dressing  
IS331 External Parasites of Poultry
IS346 Soil Testing For the Farmer  
IS372 Soil pH and Fertilizers  
IS411 Fertilizing Ornamental Trees & Shrubs  
IS456 Tattooing Cattle  
IS493 Pecan Production: Establishing an Orchard  
IS506 Tips For a Successful Interview
IS524 Transplanting Pecan Trees  
IS530 Top-work Grafting of Pecan Trees  
IS641 Snakes Alive! How To Identify Snakes
IS642 Identifying Poison Ivy
IS643 Wood Ducks In Mississippi
IS645 Feeding a Crowd? Do It Safely
IS653 Collecting Insects - Standard 4-H Display Box

IS656 Azaleas for the Landscape  
IS701 Design Your Own Clover  
IS723 Back to Basics: Drying Vegetables Spanish

IS725 Drying Fruits at Home  
IS734 Botulism HTML  
IS767 Nitrogen in Mississippi Soils
IS776 Better Planning: Better Meals
IS818 Why Leaves Change Color
IS830 Forage: Tall Fescue in Mississippi
IS843 Forage - Bahiagrass
IS844 Forage: Alfalfa Production HTML  
IS845 Food Preservation - Selection, Use and Care of Canning Equipment
IS860 Forage: Bermudagrass
IS864 Corn Fertilization  
IS866 Corn Production - Planting Dates and Crop Development  
IS871 Phosphorus in Mississippi Soils  
IS873 Soybeans: Liming and Fertilization
IS894 Potassium in Mississippi Soils  
IS941 Design Plans for Hobby Greenhouses
IS965 Transplanting Trees & Shrubs in the Landscape  
IS977 Net Worth Statement  
IS1014 Forage: Lespedezas  
IS1038 Micronutrients in Crop Production  

Secondary Plant Nutrients:
Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur

IS1083 Innoculating Forage Legumes  
IS1084 Grains
Small Grains for Silage
IS1086 Tifton 44 Bermudagrass HTML  

Political Process and Local Government Administration


Local Governments and Their Services

IS1141 Landscaping To Conserve Energy
IS1167 Soybean Seedling Diseases  
IS1168 Forage - Species, Varieties, Planting Dates, and Rates
IS1169 Forage and Pasture Crop Fertilization Guidelines HTML  
IS1204 Safe Food in a Hurry
IS1294 Soil Testing for the Homeowner  
IS1296 Four Flap Grafting of Pecans  

Forage: Bigbee Berseem Clover

IS1331 Sorghum Midge Control
IS1334 Total Alkalinity
IS1344 Calibration of Band Granular Applicators
IS1351 Preparing Food During a Power Failure  
IS1353 4-H Shooting Sports - Introduction  
IS1354 Safety Precautions With Snakes  
IS1355 Repairing Storm-damaged Shade, Ornamental, and Fruit Trees
IS1356 Disposing of Sewage and Garbage  
IS1362 Developing Family Strengths  
IS1401 Stress Management  
IS1405 Leadership - Vice President of an Organization
IS1406 Leadership - President of an Organization
IS1407 Leadership - Secretary of an Organization  
IS1408 Leadership - Treasurer of an Organization  
IS1410 Family Insurance Planning
IS1417 There could be a "Pot of Gold" on your land
IS1423 Food - Shopping for One or Two

IS1424 Food Guide for Older Folks  
IS1432 Fruit and Nut Review - Pecans in the Home Landscape
IS1433 Fruit and Nut Review - Apples and Pears  
IS1434 Fruit and Nut Review - Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums
IS1444 Fruit and Nut Review - Blackberries  
IS1445 Fruit and Nut Review - Muscadines
IS1446 Fruit and Nut Review - Oriental Persimmons
IS1448 Fruit and Nut Review - Blueberries
IS1457 Fruit and Nut Review - Figs
IS1459 Children Need Guidance
IS1462 Safe Food Handling  
IS1471 Farm Chemical Safety Series: Pesticides Read The Label  
IS1474 Purchase Agreement  
IS1475 Buy or Rent?
IS1487 Measure your blood pressure.

IS1501 Winter Drawdown: A Useful Management Tool for Mississippi Farm Ponds

IS1521 Use Medicines Safely  
IS1522 Guidelines for Supervising Youth Spanish Version

IS1523 Caladiums for the Landscape
IS1524 Sun Sense  
IS1525 Freshwater Prawns Biology and Life History  
IS1530 Your Role As...Education Chair of a Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Club
IS1531 Protect Your Health From Infections Spanish

IS1536 Worker Protection Standard: Decontamination Sites  
IS1537 Worker Protection Standard: Employee Notification and Emergency Assistance  
IS1538 Worker Protection Standard: Early Entry  
IS1539 Worker Protection Standard: Heat Illness  
IS1540 Worker Protection Standard: Chemigation, Runoff, and Drift  
IS1541 Worker Protection Standard: Endangered Species Wildlife Hazards  
IS1548 Corn Plant Population  
IS1549 Hybrid Corn Seed: Development and Production  
IS1551 Mississippi 4-H Junior Master Gardenersm Program - Information for Prospective Sponsors  
IS1554 Considerations Before Starting A Small Food-Processing Business  
IS1555 Feeding Young Children Spanish  
IS1562 Easy-To-Grow Herbs for the Landscape  
IS1563 Minimizing Aflatoxin in Corn
IS1564 Amending the Planting Site for Landscape Plants  
IS1572 Competition Control for Cottonwood Plantation Establishment  
IS1573 Tree Injection With Reduced Labor Requirements  
IS1574 Tank Mixtures of Forestry Site Preparation Herbicides Can Be Antagonistic  
IS1575 Basic Food Safety Tips for Food Service Personnel  
IS1576 Guide to Storing Food on the Shelf at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit Spanish

IS1578 Mississippi 4-H Junior Master Gardenersm Program - Guidelines for Extension Agents  
IS1580 Nonchemical Weed Control For Homeowners  
IS1584 Interpreting Soil Testing Laboratory Results for Vegetable Crops

Agricultural Limestone's Neutralizing Value

IS1590 What is a Fishing Derby?

IS1591 Planning and Organizing a Fishing Derby  
IS1592 Selecting a Site for a Fishing Derby  
IS1593 Facilities Required for a Fishing Derby  
IS1594 Publicizing and Promoting a Fishing Derby  
IS1595 A Basis for Competition in Fishing Derbies  
IS1596 Mississippi 4-H Junior Master Gardenersm Program - Information for Prospective Volunteer Leaders  
IS1600 Did You Know At 2 Months I Can...

IS1601 Did You Know At 1 Month I Can ...
IS1602 Ten Steps to a Successful Mississippi 4-H Shooting Sports Program  
IS1603 Objectives of the Mississippi 4-H Shooting Sports Program  
IS1604 Did You Know At 3 Months I Can...

IS1608 Fruit and Nut Review Bunch Grapes
IS1609 Successful Broiler Production Depends on a Sound Feeding Program  
IS1610 The Only Good Broiler Breeder Egg Is a Fertilized Egg  
IS1614 Soil and Broiler Litter Testing Basics  

Forage: Warm-Season Annual Grasses

IS1618 Energy Conservation for Greenhouse Growers
IS1620 Useful Nutrient Management Planning Data
IS1621 Reduce Energy Costs in Agriculture
IS1626 Mississippi 4-H Junior Master Gardenersm Program - Guidelines for Volunteer Leaders  
IS1632 What You Should Know About Diabetes HTML
IS1635 Using Poultry By-Products in Forage Production
IS1637 Did You Know at 4 Months I Can  
IS1638 Keys to Successful Handling of Hatching Eggs  
IS1640 Did You Know at 5 Months I Can  
IS1641 Did You Know at 6 Months I Can  
IS1642 Did You Know at 7-8 Months I Can  
IS1643 Did You Know at 9-12 Months I Can  
IS1653 Participating in the Mississippi 4-H Cloverleaf Exhibit  
IS1654 When You Are Away From Your Child  
IS1655 Manage Beaver Problems in Mississippi  
IS1656 Economic Impact of the Mississippi Blueberry Industry  
IS1657 Algal Leaf Spot of Southern Magnolia  
IS1658 Diseases of Leyland Cypress  
IS1661 Butterfly Plants & Mississippi Butterflies  
IS1662 Spring Brings Honey Bees in Some Unwanted Places - Homes  
IS1663 The Plant Doctor - Cold Injury  
IS1664 The Plant Doctor - Bacterial Wetwood and Alcoholic Flux  
IS1665 The Plant Doctor - Tobacco Mosaic Virus  
IS1666 The Plant Doctor - Powdery Mildew on Crapemyrtles  
IS1668 The Plant Doctor - Plant Disease and Fertilization  
IS1669 The Plant Doctor - Large (Brown) Patch of Warm-Season Turfgrasses in Home Lawns  
IS1670 The Plant Doctor - Watering and Plant Disease  
IS1674 High Tunnel or Greenhouse?  
IS1677 Reasons to Get Moving  
IS1678 Growing in the Bale  
IS1682 The Plant Doctor: Dollar Spot of Warm Season Turfgrasses  
IS1683 The Plant Doctor: Gray Leaf Spot Of St. Augustinegrass  
IS1684 The Plant Doctor: Slime Molds  
IS1685 Purchasing Pointers for Walking Shoes  
IS1686 Hidden Salt: High Sodium Foods  
IS1687 Disaster Relief: How To Care for Minor and Major Open Wounds  
IS1688 Disaster Relief: So What Is an E.coli Infection? go to the Spanish version  
IS1691 Disaster Relief: Emergency Food and Water  
IS1692 Disaster Relief: Meal Preparation and Food Safety After a Flood  
IS1695 Disaster Relief: Flooded Private Sewage Systems  
IS1697 Disaster Preparedness: Children Need Help Coping with Disaster  
IS1698 Disaster Preparedness: Returning Home after a Disaster espanol  
IS1699 Disaster Relief: Priorities for Cleanup and Repair  
IS1700 Disaster Relief: Avoiding Frauds and Deception  
IS1702 Disaster Relief: Home Cleanup and Renovation for Floors  
IS1703 Disaster Relief: Home Cleanup and Renovation for Walls  
IS1704 Disaster Relief: Salvaging Household Furniture  
IS1706 Disaster Relief: Salvaging Clothing  
IS1707 Disaster Relief: Managing a Traumatic Event  
IS1708 Disaster Preparedness: Tree Removal and Timber Recovery Issues  
IS1709 Disaster Relief: Cleaning Household Utensils and Metals  
IS1711 Disaster Relief: Clearing Debris from Land  
IS1713 Disaster Relief: Emergency Treatment and Management of Horses under Hurricane Conditions  
IS1714 Disaster Relief: Common Responses to Disasters or Traumatic Events  
IS1715 Disaster Relief: Preventing Tetanus  
IS1716 Disaster Relief: Safety Rules and Recovery Procedures after a Natural Disaster  
IS1718 Disaster Relief: Prevent Infection in Community Shelters spanish  
IS1720 Diet Supplements for Livestock  
IS1722 Disaster Relief
Flooded Gardens
IS1724 Disaster Relief: Post-Hurricane Considerations for the Commercial Nursery  
IS1725 Disaster Relief: Promoting Turf Recovery after Hurricanes  
IS1726 Disaster Relief: Recovering Small Fruits  
IS1731 Disaster Relief: Standby Electric Generators for Emergency Power  
IS1733 Disaster Relief: Tips for Handling Flooded Soils spanish  
IS1734 Weed Management After a Flood  
IS1736 Maintaining Livestock Health after a Flood espanol  
IS1737 Disaster Relief: Flood-Related Diseases in Poultry and Livestock  
IS1740 Disaster Relief: Flooded Farm Vehicles and Equipment - Tips on Cleaning and Reconditioning  
IS1741 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Menu Planning Guidelines  
IS1742 Sample Menu Plan espanol  
IS1743 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Menu Planning
IS1744 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Food On Hand espanol  
IS1745 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Grocery List espanol  
IS1746 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Food Substitutions espanol  
IS1747 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Are You a Smart Shopper? espanol  
IS1748 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Weekly Meal Planner espanol  
IS1749 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Sample Meals Activity  
IS1750 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Create a Meal Using DASH espanol  
IS1752 FNP - Nutrition Sense - What Are Your Food Buying Resources?  
IS1755 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels, U.S. Average, July 2007  
IS1756 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Unit Pricing and Buying in Quantity  
IS1758 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Safe Handling of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables  
IS1760 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Money Saving Tips espanol  
IS1761 FNP - Nutrition Sense - Marketing Tactics espanol  
IS1762 Financial Fitness Checklist spanish  
IS1763 Plant Variety Protection Act (PVPA) and Patent Facts for Wheat Seed Growers, Dealers, and Consumers  
IS1764 Disaster Relief: Dealing with Stress after a Disaster  
IS1765 Disaster Relief: Managing on a Suddenly Reduced Income (Vietnamese Version)  
IS1766 Disaster Relief: How Families and Neighbors Can Help One Another Cope  
IS1767 Disaster Relief: Seven Steps in Making an Insurance Claim  
IS1768 Disaster Relief: Handling Diabetes in an Emergency  
IS1769 Becoming Physically Active  
IS1771 A Healthy Heart
IS1772 Keep Your Metabolism in Check spanish
IS1773 Setting Personal Goals
IS1774 How Do I Start a Walking Program?  
IS1775 Pedometer Pointers  
IS1776 Be Safe When Walking/Jogging  
IS1777 Exercise Dos and Don'ts spanish  
IS1778 Eat Less and Cut Calories! spanish  
IS1779 Just Relax!  
IS1780 Increase Your Steps and Burn More Calories  
IS1781 Manage Your Diabetes spanish  
IS1782 Tomatoes  
IS1793 After the Storm: Comforting Friends and Family  
IS1794 Specialty Cut Flower Production: Meet the Markets  
IS1795 After the Storm: Anger Management  
IS1796 After the Storm: Handling Grief and Loss  
IS1797 Growing Delicious Tomatoes in the Backyard
IS1798 The Plant Doctor - Biscogniauxia (Hypoxylon) Dieback of Oaks  
IS1799 Disaster Relief: Fuel Hauling and Storage Tips spanish  
IS1800 Caring for a Diabetic Foot or Residual Limb in a Farming Environment spanish  
IS1801 Disaster Relief: Preparing Your Evacuation "To Go" Box spanish  
IS1802 Auxilio en caso de desastres
Preparando su caja de evacuación “lista para llevar”
(English - Disaster Relief - Preparing a "To Go Box")

Auxilio en caso de desastres
El manejo de los combustibles y consejos de almacenaje
(English - Disaster Relief - Fuel Handling & Storage Tips)

IS1811 Cuidando el pie diabético
o la extremidad residual en el ambiente de granja
(English - Caring for a Diabetic Foot)

¡Coma menos y corte las calorías!
(English - Eat Less and Cut Calories)

IS1813 Chequee constantemente su metabolismo
(Enghish - Keep Your Metabolism in Check)
IS1814 Manage Your Diabetes  
IS1815 Exercise Do's and Don'ts  
IS1818 Auxilio en caso de desastre
Prevenga infecciones en los refugios comunitarios
(English - Disaster Relief, Prevent Infection in Community Shelters)

Auxilio en caso de desastre
Manejando el estrés después de un desastre
(English - Disaster Relief: Dealing with Stress after a Disaster)

IS1821 Auxilio en caso de desastre
Reglas sobre seguridad y procedimientos de recuperación para después de un desastre natural
(English - Disaster Relief, Safety Rules and Recovery Procedures
after a Natural Disaster
IS1823 Que es lo que usted debe saber sobre la diabetes
(English - What You Should Know About Diabetes)
IS1824 Consejos Para upervisar a los Jóvenes
(English - Guidelines For Supervising Youth)
IS1825 Care for Pets, Livestock, Poultry, and Crops in a Radiological Emergency  
IS1830 They Lived Happily Ever After: How to Keep Your Marriage on Track  
IS1831 After You Say "I Do":
Adjusting to Marriage
IS1836 Understanding Community Economic Impacts  
IS1840 Disaster Relief: Facts About Food & Floods  
IS1841 Talking Retail Trade  
IS1843 Overcoming Lower Back Pain in a Farming Environment In Spanish  
IS1844 Safe Disposal of Medicines and Personal Care Products In Spanish  
IS1849 Extension Agent Responsibilities at Mississippi 4-H Livestock and Horse Shows  
IS1850 Expectations of Extension Agents in Mississippi 4-H Livestock and Horse Programs  
IS1853 Nutrient Management Planning Basics  

What To Do About Buffalo Gnats or Black Flies

IS1863 Move Forward When Your Income Drops  
IS1864 What About Your Assets? When Your Income Drops  
IS1865 Plan Your Spending When Your Income Drops  
IS1866 Housing - Your Top Priority When Your Income Drops (Vietnamese version)  
IS1867 Take Control of Your Finances When Your Income Drops  
IS1868 Insurance Matters
When Your Income Drops
IS1871 The Wood and Water Relationship
IS1872 One To Grow On: Beets  


IS1873 One To Grow On: Broccoli  


IS1874 One To Grow On: Carrots  


IS1875 One To Grow On: Cauliflower  


IS1876 One To Grow On: Corn  


IS1877 One To Grow On: Cucumbers  


IS1878 One To Grow On: Eggplant  


IS1879 One To Grow On: Herbs  


IS1880 One To Grow On: Lettuce  


IS1881 One To Grow On: Lima Beans  


IS1882 One To Grow On: Greens  


IS1883 One To Grow On: Peppers  


IS1884 One To Grow On: Potatoes  


IS1885 One To Grow On: Pumpkins  


IS1886 One To Grow On: Spinach  


IS1887 One To Grow On: Squash  


IS1888 One To Grow On: Strawberry  


IS1889 One To Grow On: Sweet Potatoes  


IS1890 One To Grow On: Tomatoes  


IS1891 One To Grow On: Watermelon  


IS1892 Guide for Master Gardeners and Master Gardener Interns  
IS1893 Electronic Marketplaces:
How to 'Net' Your Customers
IS1894 Mississippi Medallion Plants: 2011
IS1895 Snack Pack Project - Fruit Group - Lesson 1  
IS1896 Snack Pack Project - Fruit Group - Lesson 2  
IS1897 Snack Pack Project - Fruit Group - Lesson 3  
IS1898 Snack Pack Project - Fruit Group - Lesson 4  
IS1899 Snack Pack Project - Grain Group - Lesson 1  
IS1900 Snack Pack Project - Grain Group - Lesson 2  
IS1901 Snack Pack Project - Grain Group - Lesson 3  
IS1902 Snack Pack Project - Grain Group - Lesson 4  
IS1903 Snack Pack Project - Meat Group - Lesson 1  
IS1904 Snack Pack Project - Meat Group - Lesson 2  
IS1905 Snack Pack Project - Meat Group - Lesson 3  
IS1906 Snack Pack Project - Milk Group - Lesson 1  
IS1907 Snack Pack Project - Milk Group - Lesson 2  
IS1908 Snack Pack Project - Milk Group - Lesson 3  
IS1909 Snack Pack Project - Milk Group - Lesson 4  
IS1910 Snack Pack Project - Vegetable Group - Lesson 1  
IS1911 Snack Pack Project - Vegetable Group - Lesson 2  
IS1912 Snack Pack Project - Vegetable Group - Lesson 3  
IS1913 Snack Pack Project - Vegetable Group - Lesson 4  
IS1914 Family Food Solutions - The Grain Group  
IS1915 Family Food Solutions - The Fruit Group  
IS1916 Family Food Solutions - The Protein Food Group  
IS1917 Family Food Solutions - The Vegetable Group  
IS1918 Family Food Solutions - The Dairy Group  
IS1919 4-H Shooting Sports Safety Officer Reference Guide  
IS1920 Building Your Own Backstop  
IS1921 Selecting Small Portable Electric Generators  
IS1922 Casualty Losses of Shade Trees and Landscape Elements  
IS1924 Disaster Relief: Electrical Systems and Appliances - Damaged Wiring and Switches  
IS1925 Disaster Relief: Cleaning Flood-Damaged Carpets and Rugs  
IS1926 Disaster Relief: Drying Books and Family Papers  
IS1927 The Health Benefits of Eating Seafood  
IS1928 Forest & Timber Facts Humphreys County  
IS1929 Forest & Timber Facts Coahoma County  
IS1930 Forest & Timber Facts Issaquena County  
IS1931 Forest & Timber Facts Leflore County  
IS1932 Forest & Timber Facts Quitman County  
IS1933 Forest & Timber Facts Sharkey County  
IS1934 Forest & Timber Facts Sunflower County  
IS1935 Forest & Timber Facts Tunica County  
IS1936 Forest & Timber Facts Bolivar County  
IS1937 Forest & Timber Facts Washington County  
IS1938 The Plant Doctor - Sooty Mold  
IS1939 Forest Diversity: The Food of Life  
IS1941 Oysters - Delicious and Nutritious Food  
IS1942 Bacterial Leaf Scorch  
IS1943 Leadership and Engagement:
Tools for Natural Resource Organizations
IS1944 Hunting for Life:
An Introduction to the Hunting Discipline
IS1945 What to Do About Bed Bugs in Poultry Houses  
IS1946 Agriculture and Social Media  
IS1947 What Broiler Growers Can Expect During PAACO Audits  
IS1948 Product Pricing and Breakeven Concept  
IS1949 Growing Loquats in Coastal Mississippi  
IS1950 Why the Rapid Growth Rate in Today's Chickens  
IS1951 Prepare Poultry Houses for Cooler Weather  
IS1952 Maintenance Critical to Backup Generator Reliability  
IS1953 Poultry Farming and Neighbors: The Little Things Are Important  
IS1954 How Much Electrical Power Do You Need?  
IS1955 Choosing a Disinfectant for Tools and Surfaces in Horticultural Operations  
IS1956 An Easy, Effective Way to Control Perennial Woody Weeds in Home Landscapes  
IS1957 The Center for Continuing Education: Your Partner in Planning & Delivering Successful Conferences & Programs  
IS1958 Community Forestry: Another Way of Thinking About Forest Management  
IS1960 Integrated Mosquito Management  

Economic Impact of Forestry and Forest Products on Mississippi’s First Congressional District


Economic Impact of Forestry and Forest Products on Mississippi’s Second Congressional District




Economic Impact of Forestry and Forest Products on Mississippi’s Third Congressional District




Economic Impact of Forestry and Forest Products on Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District



IS1965 Safety in the Spring Woods  
IS1966 Chain of Custody in Forest Certification Systems  
IS1967 Forest Certification Systems in Mississippi  
IS1968 Cotton Seed Treatment Choices  
IS1969 Corn Seed Treatment Choices  


Soybean Seed Treatment Choices  
IS1971 2013 Cotton Maturity Guide  
IS1972 Cash and Share Rental Rates for Mississippi (2008–12)  
IS1973 Managing Manure from the Backyard Flock  
IS1975 Composting Manure from Small Poultry Flocks  
IS1976 Deep Pectoral Myopathy
(Green Muscle Disease) in Broilers
IS1977 A Quick Guide to Fertilizing Mississippi Landscapes  
IS1978 Nitrogen Fertilization of Landscape Trees and Shrubs  
IS1979 Cleaning the Kitchen  
IS1980 Cleaning Your Electric Stove  
IS1981 Cleaning Your Gas Stove  
IS1982 Cleaning the Bathroom  
IS1983 Cleaning Living Areas  
IS1984 Cleaning the Refrigerator  
IS1985 Dollarweed Control in Mississippi Lawns and Ornamentals  
IS1986 Choosing and Using Prepaid Cards  
IS1987 Estimating Corn Yield before Harvest  
IS1988 Mississippi Medallion Plants: 2014  
IS1989 Wild Pig Damage  
IS1990 Disease Impacts of Wild Pigs  
IS1991 Health Insurance for You, for Your Family  


IS1992 What Do I Need to Know about Health Insurance Costs... before considering my options?  
IS1993 Do I Qualify for Lower Health Coverage Costs?  
IS1994 Virginia Buttonweed Control  
IS1995 Using the MSU Basal Area Angle Gauge  
IS1997 Mississippi Medallion Plants: 2015  
IS1998 Colorectal Cancer Health Message   PDF
IS2001 Vision Care Health Message - Living Well   PDF
IS2002 Breast Cancer Health Message - Living Well   PDF
IS2003 Prostate Cancer Health Message - Living Well   PDF
IS2004 Managing Stress: A Guide for Understnading Stressful or Traumatic Situations   PDF
IS2005 Managing Stress: A Checklist for Understanding Stressful or Traumatic Situations   PDF
IS2006 Taking Photos of Trees for Expert Identification and Urban Forest Inventories   PDF
IS2007 Measuring Tree Diameter for Urban Tree Inventories   PDF
IS2008 Measuring Tree Heights for Urban Forest Inventories   PDF
IS2009 Using GPS for Urban Forest Inventories   PDF
IS2010 Simplifying Southern Pine Thinning with Stand Density Index - Pine Thin: A Smartphone Application   PDF
IS2011 Social Media: You Can’t Take It with You   PDF
IS2012 Avian Influenza: Things You Should Know   PDF
IS2013 Avian Influenza: Frequently Asked Questions   PDF
IS2014 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Biosecurity Checklist   PDF
IS2015 Biosecurity Measures to Combat Avian Influenza Threat   PDF
IS2016 2015 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions   PDF
IS2017 Testing Residential Private Well Drinking Water and Understanding Bacteriological Analyses  
IS2018 Perilla Mint (Perilla frutescens)   PDF
IS2019 Community Economic Development: Approaches  
IS2020 Does Summer's Heat Impact Stallion Fertility?   PDF
IS2021 Thinning to Mitigate Extreme-Weather Risks   PDF
IS2022 Programs for Managing Herbicide-Resistant
Palmer Amaranth in Mississippi Soybean1
IS2023 Holiday Read-Alouds Using Your Mobile Device   PDF