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Commercial Poultry Production

Disposal of Poultry Carcasses

The proper disposal of poultry carcasses has received much attention in recent years due to the potential effects on environmental pollution. Improper disposal creates an offensive environment, can yield foul odors, attract insects and pests, harbor potential disease sources and contribute to biological water contamination. In response to these hazards, many states have adopted guidelines that eliminate many disposal methods previously used by poultry producers.

The only methods of carcass disposal that will be acceptable in Mississippi for the near future will be incineration, composting, and rendering. The most economical method of on-farm disposal for the small poultry producer is composting the carcasses. The following publications are recommended reading for producers considering this method of carcass disposal.

Composting Dead Poultry is an excellent overview of the composting process.

Composting Layer Mortalities: Agri-Foods Composter is a report on a composting project and addresses many of the producers concerns.