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Farm and Family Radio

Amy TaylorFarm and Family features interviews with Extension Service experts and other agricultural officials about timely topics related to Mississippi agriculture. Shows are available in MP3 formats. You may also hear the shows on many radio stations in Mississippi.

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November 24 - 28

  • Monday: Collegiate 4-H at Mississippi State University - Boddrick Hudson MP3
  • Tuesday - Why Your Soil Needs Lime - Larry Oldham MP3
  • Wednesday: Important Reminders: Preventing House Fires - Sylvia Clark MP3
  • Thursday: Managing Beef Cattle for Winter - Brandi Karisch MP3
  • Friday: Why You Must Clean Your Fireplace - Jason Gordon MP3

November 17 - 21

  • Monday: Nearly All Sports Turf is Agriculture Related - Jay McCurdy, Brandon Hardin MP3
  • Tuesday - Deal with Trespassers on Your Property - John Long MP3
  • Wednesday: Growing Problem of Bullying - Tashmia Turner MP3
  • Thursday: Study: Why We Have Leash Laws - Christine Calder MP3
  • Friday: Bio Mass, Bio Energy & Bio Fuels - Randy Rousseau MP3

November 10 - 14

  • Monday: Mobile Device Apps though MSU Extension Service - Kelli Alexander MP3
  • Tuesday - Tuning Up Grazing Management & Feeding Practices - Rocky Lemus MP3
  • Wednesday: Transitioning Your Toddler to Childcare - Melissa Tenhet MP3
  • Thursday: Study: Socializing Baby Dairy Cows - Stephanie Ward MP3
  • Friday: Loblolly Pine Landowner Tree Improvement Project - Randy Rousseau MP3

November 3 - 7

  • Monday: Importance of Equine Industry in Small Towns - Rachael Carter MP3
  • Tuesday - Updates on Tree Stand Safety - John Long MP3
  • Wednesday: Bully Box Fundraiser for Food Science Club - Yan Campbell MP3
  • Thursday: Scholarships: MS 4-H Livestock/Horse Programs - Dean Jousan MP3
  • Friday: Natural Regeneration: Hardwood Management - Randy Rousseau MP3


Farm and Family is produced for the Mississippi State University Extension Service by MSU's Office of Agricultural Communications and is hosted by Amy Taylor, Media Producer.