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Citizen scientists help local wildlife and communities (01-02-2015)
Funding and manpower are the most common limiting factors in conducting research. These factors are especially limiting for wildlife and fisheries research projects, which cover vast geographic areas, involve secretive animals and generate large quantities of information.

Feeding wildlife in winter is not really a good idea (12-26-2014)
As the days get colder and food sources for wildlife become scarce, people worry about wild animals being able to survive the winter without supplemental feeding.

MSU wax research focused on sustainability (12-19-2014)
Mississippi State University scientists strive to establish sustainable best practices in the application of slack wax for the wood composites industry.

Poultry is No. 1 among state commodities for 20th year (12-19-2014)
Poultry experienced some moderate increases in 2014, grabbing the No.1 spot among Mississippi’s commodities for the 20th straight year.

2014 forest product value holds No. 2 spot (12-19-2014)
A production bump has helped forestry maintain its status as Mississippi’s second largest agricultural commodity.

Embrace new devices, technology in 2015 (12-19-2014)
After some people open Christmas presents, they might find themselves the recipients of new devices they would have avoided but now feel compelled to use.

Are we compromising our local water supply? (12-19-2014)
A simple step toward improving water quality is as close as the home bathroom cabinet.

Keeping budget resolution can bring financial freedom (12-18-2014)
Studies show many Mississippians are not good at managing their money, so some may use the new year as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf financially.

Ring in the new year by saying goodbye to smoking (12-18-2014)
Smoking can be a hard habit to kick, but it can be done with the right amount of determination.

Make a resolution to get more sleep this new year (12-17-2014)
New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult to maintain, but one that is worth keeping is getting more sleep at night.

Turn off the TV, turn on the talk (12-17-2014)
The countdown to the holiday break has begun, and parents and caregivers looking to keep kids occupied and happy should focus on the basics.

Cassia provides blooms as temperatures drop (12-15-2014)
Some folks think winter can be boring in the garden and landscape. But just when temperatures start to drop, one of my favorite flowering plants decides to suddenly strut its stuff for all to see.

Volunteers donate quilts to wounded veterans (12-15-2014)
Nearly a dozen veterans left south Mississippi with fuller luggage after Covington County quilters surprised them with early Christmas gifts.