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MSU disaster response evolves after Katrina (08-28-2015)
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi State University leaders realized the importance of instituting a standardized response system to assist with all types of catastrophes that might strike the state.

Playground project restores hope to south Mississippi (08-28-2015)
With so much loss after Hurricane Katrina, it would have been easy to overlook some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens: infants, toddlers and preschool children.

Katrina disaster fund still helps animals (08-27-2015)
The fund became a permanent account in 2006 and continues to meet the needs of Mississippians and their animals affected by floods, droughts, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

MSU hosts campus multihazard training (08-25-2015)
Less than a week after Mississippi State University hosted multihazard emergency training for colleges and universities, the state’s land-grant school experienced a real-life crisis with someone posing a potential threat.

Rice harvest underway, yields, acreage in question (08-28-2015)
Rice harvest has begun in Mississippi, but only time will tell how many acres were actually planted and how good yields will be.

State's alligator numbers allow hunting for 10th year (08-28-2015)
To keep the population of the official state reptile in check, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks will allow alligator hunting for the 10th year.

Forestry industry rebounds in Katrina’s aftermath (08-27-2015)
As bleak as the outlook seemed for Mississippi’s forestry industry in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the state’s second largest agricultural commodity is slowly recovering.

Shrimp business bounces back for some, not others (08-27-2015)
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina left him with nothing but his three medium-sized refrigerator vessels, shrimper Steve Bosarge has overcome major tribulation to expand his business.

Unusual behaviors signal possible diseases in animals (08-27-2015)
Authorities across Mississippi are reminding residents to vaccinate their pets and avoid all contact with wild animals as an investigation continues into the first confirmed case of rabies in a land animal since 1961.

State veterinarian unites agencies against bird flu (08-25-2015)
The Mississippi Board of Animal Health will not be alone in the battle to protect the state’s poultry industry from bird flu this winter.

Mari-mums are fall-flowering marigolds (08-24-2015)
I speak with gardeners all the time and frequently answer questions about what is good to plant right now. When right now is the fall season, I always say marigolds.