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Natural resources workshop set for March 1 in Rolling Fork (02-05-2016)
Landowners and hunting clubs eager to earn extra income while improving land management for wildlife are invited to attend a Natural Resource Enterprises Business Workshop.

Get in front of lawn weed issues before spring (02-05-2016)
Spring is still several weeks away, but now is a good time to prevent unsightly weeds from invading home lawns when the weather warms up.

January river flooding has impacts on state (02-05-2016)
Mississippi River flooding in January set all-time records, but dropping water levels may mean the river will have enough capacity to accept typical spring rains without triggering atypical flooding.

Standard defenses can help prevent Zika virus spread (02-05-2016)
Zika virus is now among the list of mosquito-borne viruses Mississippians should guard against, but standard defenses can help prevent spread of the disease.

How to choose the best birdfeeder, seed (02-05-2016)
You can easily get overwhelmed by the variety of birdfeeders and birdseed blends available online or at your local store.

Greenhouse tomato growing taught at March workshop (02-03-2016)
Individuals interested in greenhouse tomato production can learn how to successfully grow and market the crop during the Greenhouse Tomato Short Course March 1 and 2 in Raymond.

Prune crape myrtles, but don’t butcher them (02-01-2016)
I was speaking with a nursery friend of mine this weekend, and he referred to Feb. 1 as the beginning of Crape Murder Season.