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Thomas A. Plein scholarship helps MSU graduate students (08-29-2014)
More scholarships are available in 2014 for Mississippi State University students who plan careers in waterfowl management and wetland conservation.

Demand for local produce,markets continues to grow (08-29-2014)
As demand increases for locally grown produce, farmers markets have become a way to take fresh fruits and vegetables directly to customers.

Beneficial insects make ideal greenhouse workers (08-29-2014)
They don’t need paychecks, time cards or coffee breaks. They don’t even complain about the August heat in a Mississippi greenhouse.

State’s cotton is looking good, but price is down (08-29-2014)
Cotton is looking good across the state as bolls open and harvest nears, but increased cotton acreage planted across the country means lower prices on this year’s crop.

Beaver management is not a simple issue (08-29-2014)
The American beaver, the largest native rodent in North America, is an ecosystem engineer, building dams and creating ponds that contribute to plant and animal biodiversity. However, beavers can cause serious property damage and frustrate landowners and managers.

MSU researchers secure competitive USDA grant (08-28-2014)
The Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine has received funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide practical, effective solutions to issues facing the aquaculture industry.

Guard against diseases insects and ticks carry (08-27-2014)
Very few insect-related deaths occur in the United States compared with the rest of the world, but that does not mean Americans can ignore the risks.

National nonprofit donates to MSU veterinary program (08-27-2014)
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has awarded the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine a grant to support the college’s Mobile Veterinary Clinics.

MSU store to sell local, raw, shelled peanuts (08-25-2014)
Mississippi State University fans can cheer for a new food product this fall.

Versatile bananas bring tropics to Mississippi (08-25-2014)
A lot of people are interested in creating a tropical feeling around their homes, and growing bananas is an easy way to accomplish this goal.