Two short courses set for commercial grape and muscadine growers
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Southern Gardening:
Pruning isn't magic
Watch January 30
Markets - January 30
- Sell some new crop soybeans?
- Outlook not good for ethanol
- New paper mill for Natchez, MS
- John Deere lays off 900+
- U.S. chicken supply up
- “Cloudy” demand for cattle
- Interview - John Michael Riley

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Next Farmweek - February 6
- Feature - High tunnels put $ in growers' pockets
- Southern Gardening - Mad plant scientist
- Food Factor - Slow cooker works while you don't
Nat'l Cornhusking Contest is reminder of hard work
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Professional arborists of Mississippi meet in Meridian
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Food Factor:
Don't let food-borne illness "sack" your party

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MSU sesame
seed plots
drawing interest

Spring webinar
to offer businesses
tech tips
to expand business

Field day
to offer small
farmers ways
to increase business

Wild hog
Feb. 9

grower research

Feb. 12

Northeast Mississippi Fruit and Vegetable Producers Association Annual Meeting
Feb. 12-13

grape growing
short courses
in February
2 courses
& Verona

"I can
grow that"
Intro to fruit
& vegetable
growing for
Feb. 21