WTO rules again U.S. COOL (country of origin labeling). Some say repeal it.
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Southern Gardening:
The wide variety of
ornamental grasses
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Markets - May 22
- Catfish prices drop again
- AL & AR pass mandatory
  catfish labeling laws
- Dairy price trend up
- Corn - Looking for a rally
- Wheat struggles.
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Next Farmweek - May 29
- Feature - Maple syrup farming depends on spring
- Southern Gardening - Native plants thrive
- Food Factor - What do "beef grades" mean?
Brookhaven farm
to grow tea
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2 states pass restaurant catfish labeling laws.  Pondbank prices fall for second month.
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Food Factor:
Cooking with herbs...growing them too!

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State poultry
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Hay & forage
wage war
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Plant warm
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Food access
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Rural Tourism
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West Point

Free youth
ATV safety
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