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Minnie Lou Bradley honored by cattle industry.
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Southern Gardening:
Wide variety of elephant ears
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Markets - July 31
- U.S. cattle herd increasing
- On Feed numbers negative
- Corn market is stuck
- Beans in a sell-off
- Hardwood is tops in MS
   timber market

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Next Farmweek - August 7
-Feature - 2010, a comeback year in Mississippi
-Feature - Avian flu expected to move south in winter
-Southern Gardening - Deadhead flowers for more blooms
-Food Factor - Fats that are good for you
Beef Improvement Federation holds nat'l meeting in MS
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Hardwood prices continue to outpace pine in MS
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Food Factor:
Avoid the "invisible bugs" at your picnic

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MS Crop Report:
Avian flu
expected to
move south
this winter

Control, manage
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Asian carp
pose double

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