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Southern Gardening:
Hardy Hibiscus
Watch September 12
   Markets - September 12
- Bearish for soybeans
- Sept. Crop Report positive
   for cotton
- Interview - John Michael Riley
- U.S. cattle herd to grow
- Butter demand soars
- Cheese production up

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Soy Rust


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- Feature - Great MS Tea Company
- Southern Gardening - Cold-tolerant bananas
- Food Factor - Water vs. sports drinks
Grass-fed Beef
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Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry News

MS Crop
Dryland corn
closes gap
on irrigated

Fall Flower &
Garden Fest
Oct. 17-18

Pivot irrigation,
not furrow,
most economical in MS Delta

Demand for
local produce
to grow

Field Day

Sept. 13

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Food Factor:
Choosing breakfast cereals
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Turnrow Talk:  guidelines for terminating soybean irrigation