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Horse Production in Mississippi

The Mississippi horse industry plays a significant role in the state's economy and is a growing segment of Mississippi agriculture. The horse population in Mississippi has been recently estimated at 113,063 with an investment of $877.45 million in horse inventory and operations. In 2006, Mississippi's horse industry contributed about $1.02 billion to the state’s economy and provided about 38,900 jobs. Mississippi has some of the best public equine facilities in the United States, which hosts horse shows and equine activities that bring many people from surrounding states to Mississippi every year.

HorseQuest at eXtension

Extension logo and linkThe national equine resource team known as HorseQuest began collaborative work to provide clientele and other Internet visitors a source of reliable and up-to-date horse information through a knowledge base of commonly asked questions that have science-based, peer reviewed answers.

Mississippi Disease and Disaster Preparedness Program

Do your part to protect the health of Mississippi’s livestock herds. It is very important that Mississippi horse owners move forward as an industry to safeguard the health of our herds. The danger of a contagious disease outbreak in the national horse herd, whether by natural occurrence or terrorist attack, makes it imperative that the location of horse owners and their herds be readily available to animal health officials. Horse owner cooperation is essential for rapid disease response in the instance of a contagious disease outbreak. In the event of an animal health emergency, basic horse owner information will be used to rapidly respond to the emergency to protect your animals and Mississippi’s livestock industries through the Mississippi Board of Animal Health.


Mississippi Animal Disease and Disaster Preparedness Horse Brochure

Mississippi Animal Disease and Disaster Preparedness Cattle Brochure



Mississippi Hay and Commodity Feed Source Directories


A Mississippi Hay Directory is now online available to assist Mississippi horse owners in locating hay supplies. The list provided includes information from individuals and businesses who have submitted a Mississippi Hay Directory Listing Submission Form indicating that they have hay for sale. Listings expire after 60 days.

A Mississippi Commodity Feed Source Directory is available online to assist Mississippi livestock producers in locating feed supplies. It is comprised of commodity feed manufacturer, broker, and dealer listings compiled by Mississippi State University Extension Service personnel.

mseaMississippi State Equine Association

Mississippi's New Horse Council
The Mississippi State Equine Association is a non-profit corporation, representing your voice in the equine industry. It's an organization formed "for the love of horses, and horse people," and is Mississippi's official American Horse Council affiliate.


Mississippi State University Horse Unit