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Mississippi Beef Cattle Production

Beef production is a significant component of Mississippi agriculture. The total value of production of cattle and calves in Mississippi is estimated at $397 million for 2014. Total cattle inventory in Mississippi on January 1, 2015 was 910,000 head including 468,000 head of beef cows and 95,000 head of beef cow replacements. Stocker cattle production is also very prominent with 400,000+ head of stocker cattle residing in the state annually. Beef cattle operations in Mississippi currently total approximately 16,000 operations.

2015 Beef Cattle Boot Camps

The Mississippi State University Extension Service (MSU‐ES) Beef Cattle Boot Camps were initiated in 2010 to provide an interactive, hands‐on educational opportunity for beef cattle producers on Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (MAFES) stations. In 2015, Boot Camps will be held in Prairie and Poplarville on April 10 and 17. For more information call 662-325-3516. View schedule

MSUES Cattle Calculator App

The MSUES Cattle Calculator App is now available for download for Apple devices. Cattle Calculator allows beef cattle producers to make quick everyday calculations important for their operations. Calculations related to reproductive management, animal performance, and management decisions are available . Reproductive calculations include: calving date based on a known breeding date, breeding date based on a known calving date, number of days pregnant based on today's date and a breeding date, and a breeding season calculator which provides calving and breeding dates based on a set breeding season. Animal performance calculations include: Adjusted birth weight, weaning weight, and yearling weight, average daily gain and required gain. Management calculation include: dosage calculations for dewormers and medicines given an animal weight and manufacturer's recommended dosage, frame score calculations, trailer stocking density, and yield grade.

MSUES Cattle Calculator App download

Mississippi Master Cattle Producer Online Training

Mississippi Master Cattle Producer ProgramThe Mississippi Master Cattle Producer Program is a comprehensive training in major beef cattle production topic areas. An Internet-based self-study version of the Mississippi Master Cattle Producer Program is available for online completion. This self-study course is open to any producer interested in learning more at their own pace about improving production on their beef cattle operations.


The Internet-based training features streaming video of speakers and slides. Slides with scripts, reference publications, and certification exams are also available for online viewing or download.


YouTube Channel and Twitter Feed

MSU-ES Beef Cattle YouTube Channel

Visit the Mississippi State University Extension Service Beef Cattle YouTube channel. A variety of brief educational vidoes are posted on beef cattle production topics.

Twitter Feed

Follow the latest tweets from the Mississippi State University Extension Service Beef Cattle team.

Mississippi Beef Cattle Producer Pocket Guide

Mississippi Beef Cattle Producer Pocket GuideThe Mississippi Beef Cattle Producer Pocket Guide is a 238-page pocket reference covering a wide variety of production and marketing topics. Developed by beef cattle specialists with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, this pocket guide is available online. Printed copies of the pocket guide are currently unavaillable. Email to be notified when copies are available.


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eXtension Beef Cattle Clearinghouse

eXtension Beef Cattle ClearinghouseeXtension provides objective and research-based information and learning opportunities that help people improve their lives. It is an educational partnership of 74 universities in the United States. The eXtension Beef Cattle Clearinghouse focuses on practical beef production information.