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Heifer Development Program

"Miss. Premium" Replacement Heifer Program

A heifer development and marketing program endorsed by the Mississippi Beef Cattle Improvement Association and facilitated through the Mississippi State University Extension Service is available. The program focuses on educating beef cattle producers on proper management of replacement heifers.

The objectives of the "Miss Premium" program are to:

  • Increase the implementation of heifer development practices that will result in optimum reproductive efficiency as mature cows.
  • Enhance marketing opportunities for and add value to Mississippi-raised heifers.
  • Develop reliable sources of quality beef replacement heifers throughout Mississippi.
Miss Premium Heifer

"Miss Premium" Replacement Heifer Program Guidelines

Nomination Form for Heifers Marketed through "Miss Premium" Sales

Nomination Form for Heifers Marketed or Retained On-farm

Replacement Beef Heifer Development - P2488