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Mississippi Beef Quality Assurance

Mississippi Beef Quality Assurance Program (MS-BQA)
The Mississippi Beef Quality Assurance (MS-BQA) Program identifies areas in beef production where defects in quality occur. The MS-BQA Program is a cooperative effort between beef producers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and professionals from the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, MSU Extension Service, and MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, who believe that cattle managed under BQA guidelines will be less likely to contain a violative residue, injection-site tissue damage, or foreign metal such as a broken needle. The program asks everyone involved with beef production to follow the FDA/USDA/EPA guidelines for product use and to use common sense, reasonable management skills, and accepted scientific knowledge to avoid product defects at the consumer level. After all, consumers purchase what they trust, and their confidence is the basis of our industry’s and our children’s future. Mississippi Beef Quality Assurance Program
MS Beef Quality Assurance Online Certification Training


1) Download the MS-BQA Reference Manual, certification questions, and personal contract.

2) Please review each online training module linked below.

3) Complete the certification questions and personal contract online or print them and mail or fax them to the MS-BQA coordinator.


Online Training Modules

Click on the links below to view each module.

MS-BQA Introduction

Targeted Breeding

Responsible Culling

Proper Management

MS-BQA Conclusions


MSU Extension Service guide to viewing online training modules

MS Beef Quality Assurance Program Reference Manual
Publication 2258 - Beef Quality Assurance Program (MS-BQA) Reference Manual
Versión en Español - Aseguramienta de Calidad de Carne Manual de Certificacion
MS-BQA Certification Questions and Personal Contract

Beef Quality Assurance producer certification can be accomplished by attending a MS-BQA training and by completing test questions and the personal contract. This can be accomplished through the online training modules or by making an appointment to meet with your Extension county director or veterinarian to complete the process. These professionals should be able to answer or find answers to any questions you have about the reference manual and MS-BQA. Upon certification, you will be mailed a certificate that shows you have completed the MS-BQA materials and understand the MS-BQA guidelines.

MS-BQA Certification Questions and Personal Contract

National Beef Quality Assurance Guide for Cattle Transporters
Online training video and a downloadable guide are available for the Master Cattle Transporter Program.

Master Cattle Transporter Training

Mississippi Livestock Quality Assurance Program for Youth Producers
The purpose of the Mississippi Livestock Quality Assurance Program for Youth Producers is to increase food safety awareness by educating youth producers of their role in this process and the importance of raising their livestock in an appropriate manner. By following a quality assurance program, youth can improve their animal care and management practices in order for their animal to achieve its highest level of performance while providing a safe, wholesome product for consumers.

Mississippi Livestock Quality Assurance Program for Youth Producers Publication

MS-BQA Coordinator

For more information about the MS-BQA program, contact Dr. Carla Huston at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.


Carla Huston, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Mailstop 9825

R1128B Wise Center

Mississippi State, MS 39762

(662) 325-1183 (office)

(662) 325-4548 (fax) (e-mail)


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