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Turf Tips Newsletter

Fall is best time to buy lawn equipment

Has your old lawn mower seen its better days? Have you longed for a mower you could ride instead of push? Are you tired of hand clipping along the drive or around trees and shrubs?

Lawn equipment dealers are very much like automobile dealers this time of year. It is easier to pass the savings on to customer than to hold this year’s models over when new models will appear soon. As the major chains stores are restocking their shelves for Christmas shopping much of their lawn equipment and supplies have to be removed and stored. Therefore, they are offering great savings to customers to purchase this equipment now.

I have seen riding lawn mowers reduced as much as $500 and many other pieces of equipment and supplies with 30-40% discounts. If your old equipment is worn out and you will have to buy new for next spring anyway, maybe it would still be a bargain even if you had to borrow the money and pay some interest charges.

Unlike automobiles, there most likely will not be a trade-in value if you bought a 2006 model or 2007 year model lawn mower, weed eater, etc. So, as long as the item you have an interest in meets the requirements of your needs, then why not take advantage of saving some money? And if you have resistance convincing a spouse of purchasing lawn equipment this time of year you can always take the money saved to buy a gift for the spouse.

Published October 9, 2006