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Vegetable Gardening in Mississippi


Radishes are quick maturing cool-season vegetables for spring and fall gardens. They are ready to harvest within 4 weeks of planting and rapidly pass into a pithy, unusable condition. Radishes that produce only tops result from being planted too thick (late thinning), too much shade, or hot temperatures. Black spots in radishes may indicate boron deficiency. Dissolve 1 level tablespoon of household borax in 3 gallons of water and apply to 100 feet of garden row. Use proportionately smaller amounts for shorter rows.

RadishSome large-root types designated as winter radishes are recommended for the fall garden. They remain crisp longer than small types, are more pungent, and are best grown like fall turnips.


Champion—scarlet; deep oval; large root and top; 28 days; AAS 1957.

Cherry Belle—round globe; cherry red skin; crisp, solid flesh; short top; 21 days; AAS 1949.

China Rose—winter type; deep rose skin; white flesh; pungent; long; 52 days.

Round Black Spanish—winter type; large globe shape; 31⁄2- to 4-inch diameter; black skin; pungent white flesh; 55 days.

Scarlet Globe—bright scarlet globe; crisp; white; mild flesh; 24 days.

Snowbelle—hybrid; white; round root; crisp; mild; 30 days.

White Chinese (Winter Cel-estial)—winter type; 6 to 8 inches long; 3-inch diameter; crisp; white; mild flesh; 60 days.

White Icicle—long; white; crisp; tapered to a point; 28 days.