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Vegetable Gardening in Mississippi

Vegetable Garden Diseases

 Garden vegetables can be attacked by a wide range of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes. Since no single control measure is effective against all diseases caused by these microscopic pests, gardeners must rely on a well-balanced defense to keep diseases in check.

One of the first steps in setting up a disease control program is correct identification of disease problems—the earlier the better. With quick action, you can control leaf spots, blights, and mildews within the same season. Other disease problems may not be treatable this season, but correct disease identification allows you to take preventive disease control measures next year.

Many garden vegetable diseases are easy to identify. Others may need the advice of someone more experienced, such as an Extension county agent, home economist, or plant pathologist. Disease is best identified on plants that are less than 50 percent damaged. Do not use dead plants.

Common vegetable disease symptoms and recommended control measures are provided below. If you cannot identify a disease problem from these descriptions, call, write, or visit your county Extension staff for assistance.

To have a plant pathologist diagnose a diseased specimen, wrap the specimen in newspaper, paper towel, or (preferably) waxed paper. Pack it in a box or carton and ship it immediately to Extension Plant Pathology Lab, P. O. Box 9655, Mississippi State, MS 39762.

Additional information on diseases and nematodes that attack garden vegetables is available at your county Extension office.

Diseases take their toll in Mississippi gardens every year, but adequate planning and following recommended disease controls


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