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Insect Pests in the Home Lawn

Many different insect pests are found in home lawns in Mississippi. These include insects such as chinch bugs and white grubs that directly attack and damage turf grass, pests such as slugs and millipedes that can become a nuisance when they occur in high numbers, and pests such as fire ants, wasps, and ticks that directly attack people using the lawn.

Publication 2331, Control of Insect Pests in and around the Home Lawn, provides information on identification, management and control of most of the insect pests encountered in Mississippi lawns.

For more detailed information on fire ants see Publication 2429, Control Fire Ants in Your Yard, and the Web site on fire ants.

For information on controlling insects in sports turf, golf courses or other commercial turf situations see Publication 1858, Insect Control in Commercial Turf.

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