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Cotton Insect Pests

photo of a boll weevilBoll Weevil

Proper identification of boll weevils is especially important in areas where this pest has been eradicated or in the later years of an active eradication effort. The elongated snout is one of the best known characters of the boll weevil. However, all of the members of the family Curculionidae, the large family of beetles which includes the boll weevil, share this character. A more distinguishing character of boll weevils is the presence of two sharp spurs on the enlarged, club-shaped segment of the front leg. Development of the immature stages occurs inside squares or bolls, providing protection from both insecticides and most predators and parasites. Detection of boll weevils or squares with boll weevil egg-laying punctures, indicated by the raised area over the puncture site, is cause for alarm in areas where the boll weevil has been eradicated.

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