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Gardening Through the Seasons

Do you want to know when and how certain garden and landscape tasks should be done? These short instructional videos are designed to provide seasonal tips, techniques and how-to’s for the home gardener.

MSU horticulturists guide you through the gardening season by providing a monthly calendar of practical information in easy to understand video demonstrations.

Many of these videos use the Mississippi State University campus landscape and gardens to provide the instructional material. To find out how you can support the further development of this beautiful educational resource contact the MSU Foundation.

Choose YouTube, FLV (Flash Video), or MP4 (Quicktime) formats to view.



  • Blueberries FLV | MP4
  • Bouquets That Last FLV | MP4
  • Bromeliads FLV | MP4
  • Building a Terrarium FLV | MP4
  • Cutting Back Evergreen Groundcovers FLV | MP4
  • December Tips FLV | MP4
  • How to Prune Crape Myrtles FLV | MP4
  • Mulch FLV | MP4
  • Selecting and Caring for Poinsettias FLV | MP4
  • Selecting Fruit Trees FLV | MP4
  • Three Plants for Clean Air FLV | MP4
  • Winter Floral Design FLV | MP4
  • Winter Landscapes FLV | MP4


  • Azalea Lace Bugs FLV | MP4
  • Gardening Green FLV | MP4
  • Planning and Establishing a Low Maintenace Landscape FLV | MP4
  • Pruning Broadleaf Evergreens FLV | MP4
  • Pruning Hybrid-T Roses FLV | MP4
  • Pruning Hydrangeas FLV | MP4
  • Rose Varieties FLV | MP4
  • Selecting Container Plants FLV | MP4
  • Self-Irrigated Containers FLV | MP4
  • Tomato Tips FLV | MP4
  • Vegetable and Ornamental Transplants FLV | MP4



  • Compost With Wiggle FLV | MP4
  • How to Take a Soil Sample FLV | MP4
  • Interpreting Soil Test Results FLV | MP4
  • Dividing Perennials FLV | MP4
  • Mulch and Termites FLV | MP4
  • Planting Trees FLV | MP4