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Family Resource Management

Living for Today — Planning for Tomorrow

Our team of consumer educators provides resources and programs to improve the financial well-being of individuals and families in Mississippi.  We work with local and state partners to meet the consumer education needs of citizens from youth through the senior adult years.

images of financial activiitesPrograms categories offered include:

  • Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Program is designed to motivate adults to improve financial health and increase wealth by reducing debt, increasing savings and gaining confidence in the ability to make wise financial decisions.

  • When Your Income Drops -Tools for financial management for times when income is reduced.

  • Basic Money Management includes budgeting, saving, taxes, debtor education for bankruptcy filers, and a variety of other programs to help consumers improve financial health, increase wealth and make wise buying decisions.

  • Credit covers how to establish credit, shop for credit, use credit wisely, read credit reports, understand credit scoring and solve debt problems.

  • Disaster Relief publications and preparation programs offered help consumer plan ahead for or respond to family finance, housing, and resource management issues in emergency situations.

  • Estate Planning and Financial Planning programs help consumers plan for financial security, saving, investing, retirement, and making end of life decisions.

  • Fraud and Identity Theft programs and special events, such as National Consumer Protection Week and Mississippi Consumer Education Month teach consumers how to recognize and take steps to avoid current consumer rip-offs

  • Housing and Homebuyer programs provide information on finding and financing affordable housing, along with remodeling and repair issues to build stronger, safer homes.

  • Volunteer Money Mentors participate in 12 hours of in-depth financial training in preparation for helping others in their communities develop money management skills and/or solve consumer problems.

  • Youth Financial Literacy programs focus on helping teachers provide personal financial education for students through a variety of programs, contests and consumer simulation activities.

When a consumer issue arises, we disseminate information to address it through the  media, fact sheets provided on-line or through MSU Extension Service County Offices, and in face-to-face workshops or individual assistance. If you are interested in learning more or joining us in informing and protecting consumers, contact your local Family Resource Management Area Agent.