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Attala County Forestry Profile

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Forestry and the Forest Products Industry are a major component of Attala County’s economy. Forest related economic sectors generate value not only within the forest related sectors but also in other sectors of the economy. The economic contribution of forest related sectors and their impacts on other sectors can be estimated using input-output analysis. Using 2007 data, it is estimated that forestry and forest products created a total output of $66 million in Attala County, Mississippi.

Download the Economic Contribution of Forestry and Forest Products in Attala County.

Employment and Income Impacts

Employment is the number of full- and part-time jobs in all sectors of the economy. Income is salaries and wages paid to employees. Forest related economic activity in Attala County during 2007 generated 399 jobs and over $13.9 million in income.

Total Output and Value Added Impacts

The value of all goods and services produced is defined as total output. Value added is a portion of total output and represents the creation of new wealth. Over 7% of Attala County’s economic output is derived from forestry and the forest products industry. Forest related value added amounted to over $25 million.

Tax Impacts

Forest-related economic activity contributed an estimated $4.7 million in tax revenue for federal, state, and local governments. This represents an estimated tax revenue of $2.9 million for federal and $1.8 million for state and local governments.


Total Acres in the County: 470,483
Acres of Forest: 379,038
Percent of Forest: 81%

Forest Type Acres Percent
Pine 164,887 43%
Hardwood 181,636 48%
Mixed Pine/Hardwood 32,515 9%
Forest Landowners Acres Percent
Private Individual Timberland Ownership 265,282 70%
Forest Industry Timberland Ownership 100,133 26%
Federal Government Timberland Ownership 4,541 1%
State and Local Timberland Ownership 9,082 2%
Income/Values Dollars
Forestland Assessed Value (2008) $13,889,099
Estimated Ad Valorem Tax Collections from Forestland (2008) $1,292,936
Value of Standing Timber in 2007 $973,566,654
Value of Timber Harvested in 2007 $20,618,430
Timber Severance Tax Collections (100%) $63,536

Sources: Forestland ownership, acreage, and timber volumes were estimated using the Mississippi Institute for Forest Inventory (MIFI) Dynamic Report Generator Software. Tax collections according to Mississippi Tax Commission. Timber harvest value according to the Mississippi Harvest of Forest Products Report. Produced by James E. Henderson, Assistant Extension Professor, and Ian A. Munn, Professor, Department of Forestry.