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Delta Research and Extension Center

Cotton Research

Mississippi producers planted 660,000 acres of cotton in 2007. Approximately 68 percent of Mississippi's cotton was produced in the Delta region. Production in the Mississippi Delta reached $776 million.

A researcher in a cotton field. The average yield for cotton harvested in the Delta was 989.5 pounds per acre in 2007. During that same time the state average was 953 pounds and the national average was 857 pounds per acre.

Mississippi producers plant cotton between April 15 and May 15 each year. Harvest typically occurs in the state between September 15 and November 1.

Mississippi's cotton acreage of just over a half million acres in 2007 set a new record low for the state. The state's largest cotton acreage was in 1930 with 4.1 million acres. Mississippi producers planted 1.23 million acres of cotton in 2006.

Cotton research areas at the DREC include breeding, pathology, nematology, entomology, economics and production.