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Mississippi Variety Trials

Variety selection is one of the most important decisions made annually by Mississippi row crop and forage producers. Timely, objective, scientifically-based, and regionally relevant information on expected yield performance is crucial for making planting decisions. In today’s technology driven marketplace, new varieties with new trait packages become available, persist for a few years, and then are replaced with even newer products at an astonishingly rapid pace. This short commercial lifespan limits the producer’s ability to develop extensive experience with individual varieties, making independent assessment of varietal performance extremely important and beneficial to Mississippi producers.

The Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station has conducted Variety Trials since the early 1900s. MAFES Official Variety Trials are unique because they provide an annual, open, unbiased, scientifically-based evaluation of genetic performance of an enormous number of seed entries. MAFES Official Variety Trials provide the information producers need to make the best seed selections for their planting decisions.

Archived Variety Trials

For more information, please see the MAFES Variety Testing website.