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Soybean Production in Mississippi

Vast changes have taken place in recent years in soybean production in Mississippi. Previous practices included planting maturity Groups VI and VII while planting the bulk of acreage in maturity Groups IV and V is standard practice today.

SoybeansAn Early Soybean Production System (ESPS) has become a popular practice for many Mississippi growers. In recent years, much of the soybean crop in Mississippi has been planted by the end of May, whereas in the past, over one-third was usually not planted until after June 1.

In terms of production value, soybeans are the top row crop and number three on the list of agricultural commodities in Mississippi behind poultry and forestry. Mississippi soybean growers planted an estimated 1.8 million acres in 2011 and harvested nearly 73 million bushels totaling $860 million in production value. Mississippi average soybean yields during the 1980’s were 21 bushels per acre. During the 1990’s, state average yields increased to 26 bushels per acre. Since 2000, average soybean yields in Mississippi have increased to 36 bushels per acre. The state average yield for soybean in 2011 was 41 bushels per acre which was a record high for the state.

Under current practices, two of the most important management decisions in soybean production are variety selection and planting date. There are numerous factors that affect soybean production, but variety selection and planting date set the course for determining the overall yield potential of the crop.

Current market prices for soybean are favorable. This is an indication that soybean production will remain a vital part of the agricultural industry in Mississippi.

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