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Soil Testing

The Mississippi State University Extension Service Soil Testing Laboratory analyzes soil and plant samples submitted by clienteles for fertility recommendations and problem solving. Soil tests measure available nutrients in the soil and serve as the best guide to profitable use of commercial liming and fertilizing materials. Without a sound soil testing program, crop yield potential can be reduced and low crop productivity can occur through lack of liming and over fertilization.

Soil Testing Web Results

Frequently Asked Questions

How should a soil sample(s) be taken?
What is the cost of soil or plant analysis?
How often should I test my soil?
Time required for soil or plant analysis?
Can samples be taken when soils are wet?
When is the best time to take soil samples?
Why is it important to mix lime with the soil?
How many one thousand square feet in an acre?


Plant Analysis Sampling Instructions - P1224
Soil Testing for the Farmer - IS346
Soil Testing for the Homeowner - IS1294