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Farmers’ Markets in Mississippi

There has been tremendous growth in the number of farmers’ markets recently. Mississippi has 52 known markets in operation as of April, 2010. And more are planned.

Many vegetables for sale at a market.Why the interest? It's because farmers’ markets are a win-win situation. They are good for the farmer and good for the shopper.

Shoppers can get the freshest produce when buying direct from the people who grew it. And fresher foods are usually healthier and taste better. Prices at farmers’ markets are generally lower, too.

Fruit and vegetable growers have the opportunity to sell directly to the consumer, allowing them to have a closer connection with their buyers and make better profits as well. By eliminating the brokers, distributors, and shippers, state growers get to keep a larger portion of the sales price, while still selling at competitive retail prices.

The markets vary sharply in how many months per year and which days per week they are open, how many vendors there are on any day, what kinds of produce as well as crafts and artistic products are for sale, and whether they include organic fruits and vegetables. Check the linked listing below and call for information if needed to be sure.

The largest market in the state is the Mississippi Farmers’ Market in Jackson, just off the High Street exit near the fairgrounds. With an 18,000 square foot building and 32 stalls, it is open three days per week in season, and on Saturdays all year.

The smallest is probably the one-day per year market in Crystal Springs, which is part of the annual Tomato Festival, the last Saturday in June each year. This one, on a downtown street by the railroad tracks, has 15 to 20 vendors, with lots of tomatoes, watermelons, blueberries, and other summer produce.

Fruit and Vegetable Public Service Announcement

Listen to our Public Service Announcement promoting Mississippi fruits and vegetables, produced by Mississippi State University's Ag Communications Department. Pick the format that suits you:

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