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Tomato, Pepper & Eggplant

Tomatoes are grown on over 400 acres in Mississippi, peppers were grown on 265 acres, and eggplants were grown on less than 50 acres. Tomatoes were also grown in over 150 greenhouses (see greenhouse tomato section for more information). All of these crops were consumed in Mississippi and surrounding states. About one-half of the tomatoes and one-fourth of the other crops were grown using plastic mulch and drip irrigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are tomatoes and peppers grown using plastic mulch?
What causes the heat in hot peppers?
Why don't tomatoes produce fruit in late summer?
Why are tomatoes staked?
What is the Florida weave system of staking?
How can I prevent blossom end rot?
Which producers more-Oriental or American Eggplant?
Do tomatoes have to be pruned?
When should peppers be sidedressed with nitrogen?
Can red bell peppers be grown in Mississippi?
Why do the plants produce fruit that are too small?


Other Tomato/Pepper/Eggplant Information

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