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Mississippi contains between 14,000 and 16,000 acres of pecan orchards and thousands of yard trees. Orchards range in size from 25 to 500 acres. The average state production is 6.5 million pounds. Commercial orchards planted on good sites utilizing disease resistant varieties and under good management systems can average 750 lb. of pecans per acre. The average state-wide production, including the small home orchards under very little management, is more likely to be less than 250 lb. per acre.Pecans are sold directly to consumers, accumulators, or marketed by mail-order. Intense management, irrigation, proper insect and disease control, timely harvest, and proper marketing are all necessary to make pecan production profitable. During the past 5 years, pecans have been valued from $.50 to $2.00 per pound depending on regional production.Presently, the major commercial varieties being recommended are: Owens, Kiowa, Forkert, Cape Fear, and Choctaw in north Mississippi and Kiowa, Cape Fear, Melrose, and Sumner in south Mississippi.

Frequently Asked Questions

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