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Greenhouse Tomatoes in Mississippi

Dancing tomatoThe greenhouse tomato industry in Mississippi experienced unprecedented growth during the 1990's and early part of 2000's. The number of commercial growers increased from about 15 in 1988, to around 100 now. These growers make up about 18 acres of greenhouse space, all under plastic. Today, Mississippi is ranked 12th in the United States in greenhouse tomato production, with a gross sales value of over $6 million each year. Our most common greenhouse sizes are 24 X 96 and 30 X 96 feet. When more than one greenhouse is used, they are generally connected at the gutter, referred to as "gutter-connected bays." Most of our businesses are small, averaging 2.4 bays.

The national greenhouse tomato industry has also grown rapidly, but this is a more recent trend. Since 1996, there has been about a 40 percent growth in greenhouse tomato acreage in the United States, now at about 1000 acres. Leading states are Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida.

Growers interested in learning how to grow greenhouse tomatoes should plan on attending the Greenhouse Tomato Short Course.

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