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White Sands Unit

The White Sand Branch Unit sits on 440 acres with its primary research mission being beef cattle nutrition/management and forage management. On average the station has 120 head of beef cows and 20 replacement females.

Cow in front at White Sands UnitAdditionally, another 100-120 head of stocker cattle are managed on the station at various times during the year for research purposes. The station is equipped with 38 3-acre replicated units for pasture cattle research. Summer grasses on the station include common Bermuda grass, bahia grass, some crab grass. In the fall, approximately 100-150 acres are planted in annual ryegrass for herd maintenance and research needs. Studies conducted at the station include performance of cattle fed baleage, forage/supplement interactions, stocker cattle production studies, as well as small plot fertilizer and soil additive studies. The station has three rumen cannulated heifers to conduct forage and feed digestibility studies as well.

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