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Calendar of Public Events

Events listed below are of general interest and open to the public. See other calendars specific to subjects at the top of the page.

  1 Ornamental Horticulture Field Day - Poplarville  
  13-15 Deep South Turf Conference - Biloxi  
  16-17 Fall Flower & Garden Fest - Crystal Springs  
  27 SW Mississippi Forage Field Day - Smithdale  
  29-31 MSU Extension Service Artificial Insemination School - Starkville  
  4 Mississippi Chapter of the American Society of Agronomy Meeting - Grenada  
  6 Mississippi Forage and Grassland Council Annual Conference - Newton  
  19 NWAC Fall Catfish Seminar - Stoneville  
  3 NWAC Winter Catfish Seminar - Macon  
February 2016
  18 North Miss. Research & Extention Center Producer Advisory Council Meeting - Verona  
  23 CREC Commodity Advisory Council Meeting - Biloxi  
  24 CMREC Producer Advisory Council - Raymond  

Extension employees may add new events open to the general public by completing the online form available. Your Intranet User ID and password will be required. Send corrections or inquiries to the