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4-H Robotics

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The 4-H Robotics project is a joint effort between 4-H, Extension Center for Technology Outreach, and the Mississippi State University Extension Service.  The mission of PAVE robotics is to engage 4-H youth across Mississippi in science, engineering, and technology and in so doing foster a sense of belonging within the group, provide opportunities for self-realization, develop mastery of technical and life application skills and generalize those skills to our communities.  The acronym PAVE represents the many Parents, Agents (4-H), Volunteers, and Educators who donate time and energy bringing robotics to their county.  Find additional information in these brochures: 4H Robotics Brochure and Robot-Revolution.


If you have questions about starting a robotics club in your county, contact your local 4-H agent or Mariah Smith at or sign up for email alerts.