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4-H Youth: Poultry Program

Current Situation

The 4-H Poultry Program offers many activities to youth of all ages. Activities that youths can engage in include poultry production of all types, judging of poultry and poultry products, preparing foods using poultry products and public presentations that utilize information learned from the many areas within the poultry program. Youths can compete in activities at the county, district, state and national levels of competition. Rewards include an increased appreciation of the influence of the poultry industry on our lives and recognition in the form of awards, prizes, trips, and even collegiate scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

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4H Poultry Manual - Unit One is a production guide for the beginning 4-H poultry producer.

4H Poultry Manual - Unit Two is a production guide for the more advanced 4-H poultry producer.

The Home Flock is the basic management guide for raising backyard poultry flocks.

Culling Hens describes the process used to eliminate non-producing laying hens from the flock.

Brooding Chickens and Quail is an information sheet that addresses the basic principles of brooding chicks until they can fend for themselves.

Avian Embryo discusses the creation of life process for the chick from conception, through egg formation and embryo development, and hatching of the chick. Information is also available for preparing several classroom experiments and exhibits.

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Other Poultry Information

4-H Poultry Leader Guide is a general guide of 4-H poultry projects.

4-H Poultry Production and Records is a series of suggested projects that involve the production of live poultry.

Grow Healthy Chicks is a series of ten information sheets that address problems that may be encountered while raising chicks.

Preparing Birds for Exhibition suggests methods of selecting and preparing poultry for exhibition in county or regional poultry shows and fairs.

4-H Poultry Barbecue Contest Information is the basic manual that discusses the rules, awards and contest related information of the poultry barbecue contests.

Barbecue Planning Guide is a guide for determining the amounts of various meal dishes needed when feeding a poultry barbecue meal to large groups of guests.

4-H Egg Preparation Demonstration Contest is a manual for preparing for the Egg Preparation Contest. It includes procedures for cooking, presenting egg information, rules of the contest, awards available, and much additional information that will assist the 4-H contestant.

Careers in the Poultry Industry describes the types of careers available to anyone interested in the poultry industry.

Suggestions and Procedures for Conducting a County or Area 4-H Barbecue Program is a guide for 4-H agents and leaders for staging an area barbecue contest.

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